Sunday, September 02, 2012

Lemon Meringue Cup Cakes

Here's the recipe for the lemon meringue cup cakes I posted yesterday. If I can make them, anyone can, and they looked very pretty, if I may say so myself.
My cupcake recipe is handed down from MamaBrougham, my Granny who was a dab hand in the kitchen. Simple, she used to say, wiping down her flour dusted apron : 4, 4 , 6 and 2.
4 ounces of sugar
4 ounces of butter
6 ounces of self raising flour
2 eggs
And For this recipe add the juice of a lemon
Make your cupcakes as usual and then your meringue mixture:
2 egg whites
100 grams of sugar
Whip up the egg whites until stiff, then gradually add the sugar
Place the meringue mixture on the cupcake and stipple with a fork
Ready for a grilling

Put under a hot grill for about a minute and sprinkle with the zest of the lemon.
We brought them along to a dinner party last night and the French were suitably impressed. In fact , the French are always impressed with a spot of baking, they rarely bake themselves, then why would you , with a patisserie on every corner?
Photos please if you attempt la recette!
Bon Aps from a wannabee domestic goddess xx
Kids gave them the thumbs up!


  1. I might give these a go, they look scrumptious!
    And you're right, the French don't seem to bake that much. My mother-in-law told me that she wanted to buy the cake for my husband's birthday, when I told her that I was already planning on baking chocolate cupcakes, she was shocked! I told her, "no thanks, birthdays deserve homemade treats" :)

    1. Do let me know how you get on!
      You're a braver woman than I, standing up to the Mother In Law!

  2. Superb.......will have to try. Well one biddie! X

  3. SWEEEEET!! Thanks for sharing!!! WRITE ON!


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