Tuesday, September 18, 2012

The Best Restaurant in Perpignan?

Some good friends of ours treated us to a most memorable meal on Saturday night at Le Garriane. If you haven't eaten in this restaurant, which is regarded by local French foodies, as the best in Perpignan, you should do so without delay!!

Garry, from Sydney and Ariane, from Nice, run this modest looking restaurant near the train station in downtown Perpignan. They met in England where they were both working and moved to France in search of a restaurant to call their own. Ariane has some local family connections and on moving here , they opened their restaurant and have been feeding the foodies in what must be Perpignan's best kept secret since.
They both work over 100 hours a week, and do everything themselves, from sourcing the fresh produce to dreaming up their imaginative menus to washing the dishes and cleaning the floors.
The decor here is low key and understated ( think 80's french style) but the it is the food that is the star of the show and that's how it should be anyway..
In the evenings, they offer a menu découverte , a discovery menu of nine delightful courses. Here's what we had .. read it and salivate!

  • Anchovies with citron and lime mayonnaise and parsley purée
  • Courgette, stuffed with mussells, tomatoes, fennel and lemongrass
  • Foie gras fait à la maison
  • Sword fish, confit of peppers and a dash of squid ink
  • Veal on a bed of aubergine purée, with cannelloni beans and a lemon parsley sauce
  • Cheese with orange and tomato confit
  • Chocolate slab with mint sorbet
  • Strawberry and lemon sorbet with balsamic vinegar
  • Coffee

And all this for the princely sum of 35euros. Unreal value.

Le Garriane
15 rue Valette
66000 Perpignan
Tel : 0468670744
Open for lunch : Wed,Thur,Fri
Evening : Wed,Thur, Fri, Sat
The restaurant only has 20 covers so booking in advance is advisable


  1. Hi Karen - another restaurant I have to try next year. As I wrote - we had dinner at the "La Galinette", close to the castillet in rue Jean Payra - this was awesome and worth the money (my husband's birthday).
    It sounds delicious and of course, 29€ are a burner!

    1. Hi Sandy, thanks for your comment. This is deffo one to try when you are here next. Don't forget to book, esp if is visa week!
      Bon Apps!

  2. Ariane also informs me that you can opt for an all meat or all fish discovery option for 29euros ..


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