Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Cantona for President?

The Presidential Race begins here in France in earnest as prospective candidates start throwing their names in the hat. The election will be held on the 22 April AND the 6 May. Yes, they have two voting days ; the first is the whittle the nominations down to a few candidates and the second date to vote for the favourites.
Today , Eric Cantona, ex Man United football star announced his intention to run for presidency .. so is this election going to be as farcical as the last Irish presidential campaign?
To recap, last year, the 7 candidates for the Irish presidency looked as follows:
  • A self made business man who, during a very important last minute debate, was ruled out of the race with a live accusation from an anonymous tweeter
  • A past Eurovision song contest winner
  • A man resembling a leprechaun
  • A known terrorist ( now Deputy first minister of Ireland)
  • A gay activist
  • A lady known for wearing red dresses
  • A seriously boring politician
    (No, this is not a Craggy Island scene, you couldn't make this up!!)
The race for this ceremonial position (the president of Ireland does not really have any power) was as dirty and below the belt as you can get, with accusations, skeleton closet digging and all kinds of underhand tactics being employed.
The leprechaun won.
So, there may be hope for Cantona yet .. first of all he has to obtain the support of 500 mairies in France which is a prerequisite for the race, and after that , who knows??


  1. He'd better watch his back....I remember when Coluche (Restos du Coeur) stood for election, to draw attention to the plight of the poor in France...and was threatened into withdrawing his name.

    Pity we didn't all follow Cantona's last bright idea and draw our money from the banks on the same day....might have been spared the current mess.

  2. Like your analysis of our wonderful candidates...summed up just perfectly...hope de frogs do better!!!

  3. Thanks anon!! How do you think Michael D is doing? In fairness, he has two very hard acts to follow with the two Hail Marys..


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