Saturday, January 21, 2012

Quotes of the week

A French guy who tagged along with my girlfriend and I as we ran around the lake " You guys are so easy to chat to. The French are not like that, they are very suspicious. Me, I'm a humanist. I talk to everyone. Even if you were 120 kilos, I would still talk to you" !! .. As if this was the worst thing he could think of .. not a mass murderer, a rapist or a drug trafficker....non, if you were fat, I'd still talk to you....weren't we the lucky ones ?!

I dropped in an Irish cheque to my bank this week, as I normally do, filling in the lodgement slip and dropping it into the allocated box in reception. A couple of hours later , Madame KnowItAll called me and I  was told that Irish cheques need a different lodgement slip which needs to verified by "la siège" ( head office). Ah bon, says I, but why now after 10 years of depositing cheques with you , do you ask for this? "Well madame, you see, Irish cheques are classified as International cheques as "Ireland is not in Europe". She could not be persuaded otherwise so I had to go back to the bank to sign the flippin bit of paper. On second thoughts , maybe she knows something that we don't? You heard it here first folks! Ireland is no longer in Europe....

I gave Mr Getrealfrance a loan of a book I got at Christmas, NLP, Neuro Linguistic Programming ( Think positive, Believe positive, Be positive etc). " Yeah, that shit is good, but NLP could never work in France"

Sarkozy ; the end of his chances of a second term? "If we lose the triple-A, I'm dead." Uh oh...

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