Thursday, January 12, 2012

Des Dames Qui Dînent Club

Ok, here's the deal, we have a Dames Qui Dînent ( Ladies Who Lunch) lunch out once a month on a dedicated day , eg last Friday of every month. Those that can make it, can make it ... doesn't have to be an expensive restaurant, doesn't even have to be in a restaurant, could be a picnic on a beach or a tasting in a vineyard, tapas in Spain or cheese and crackers on top of a mountain...
We'll review the food and eventually as the media snowball starts, we'll become infamous reviewers and people will be begging us to review their restaurants. A la Sex and the City, they'll be throwing designer handbags and high heels and clobber at us for the shoot.
We dress up and We make it a date. The Ladies Who Lunch Club...
Who's up for it?


  1. "Les tarts qui trashent" might be more appropriate!

  2. As long as we don't talk about where we get our husbands business shirts from (this was the general question in NY) I'm in. Sounds a great plan. Rachel

  3. I'm up for it... and the designer bags too :-)


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