Thursday, January 05, 2012

Fancy a joint?

Le Perthus is a funny little French town on the border of France and Spain. The main street is bisected by the border line so that half the street is in France and the other half in Spain.
The Spanish half is devoted to the sale of booze, fags and stuff that is much cheaper in Spain. Le Perthus is open 365 days of the year catering for mainly French bargain hunters who swarm down to buy their ciggies and booze in bulk.
The latest draw for the French public is a number of specialised shops : L'Elefant Rosa, Maria Grow Shop and Design: Nova Store .. selling cannabis products.
Relying on the relaxed Spanish regulations, these shops sell everything one needs to set up a cannabis farm .. the LED lights, the cannabis tents, cannabis seeds, special fertilisers, irrigation techniques etc etc and their main clients are Les Francais..
It's difficult to estimate how many "cannabiculteurs" there are in France. In Spain, one is allowed to grow and consume only for own use and not for resale but in France, a drag of a doobie could get you in serious trouble with the law.
Obviously the 30 year old lady from Le Soler didn't think so when she reported the theft of her cannabis plants last year from her garden to the gendarmes. She was detained by the police and insisted the plants were for her own use and that she bought the plants in Le Perthus!! She eventually got off with a warning , much to the amusement of the gendarmes in Le Soler!
All sorts of cannabis products are also for sale even Cannabis lollipops ... just be sure your children don't get their hands on those ones!


  1. The authorities have just turned down a request for a licence to sell cannabis beer here...spoilsports!

  2. Ouch, I can feel the hangover already! Where can you buy it then?

  3. Betty O'Reilly BanaghanJanuary 8, 2012 at 6:30 PM

    Very interesting Karen, is it near ye in Perpignan? That town reminds me of Killaloe and Ballina ,2 towns divided by the Shannon River, one in Tipperary and across the bridge into Co Clare. Don't think you'd get cannabis lollies out there though.But you might get a bottle of Poitín if u knew the right people,GREAT STUFF TO CLEAR THAT FLU YOU HAVE,THATS TO RUB IT IN,I MEAN. (^¿^)

  4. I did and it dissapeared

  5. Hi Betty, yes, Le Perthus is about a half an hour drive south of us. Might have to get some, for medicinal purposes of course .. to clear this damn cold!!

  6. Sorry anon, don't know what happened there?


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